Calm Before the Storm Screensaver

Calm Before the Storm Screensaver

Calm Before the Storm Screensaver brings thunder and lightning to your screen
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Imagine being at the coast next to a raging sea. At the distance, dark gray clouds cover the horizon. The wind begins to blow, increasing it’s power as time passes. You start watching the leaves flying by. In the clouds, you start perceiving flashes that make some spots more brilliant for a second or two, accompanied by the sound of a distant thunder.. And all of a sudden, a magnificent lightning bolt crosses the sky, dividing into many smaller branches. All around you gets illuminated, and you listen to the characteristic cracking sound.
Calm Before the Storm Screensaver brings thunder and lightning to your screen.
This awesome screensaver will allow you to almost feel what a storm at sea feels like. As the name says, luckily you will not be in the middle of the storm, but rather in the minutes before it unleashes its fury.
The images are great. The ambience set by the obscured clouds and the sound of the wind and thunder, makes you feel as if you were there. You will see a coastline with a light house on top of a hill facing the sea. Leaves fly around with the wind as you listen to it howling. And when you finally see and listen to the loud sound of the lightning, you almost want to run away and look for shelter.
The scene is pretty realistic, allowing you to immerse yourself into the place.
Calm Before the Storm Screensaver will surely bring comments from whoever happens to walk by your computer when you are not working on it.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very realistic scene
  • Great sound


  • Only two scenes
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